Canon EOS 5DS – Highest Resolution Full Frame Sensor Available Soon


It boasts the highest resolution sensor currently available in a 35 mm full frame DSLR at 50.6 megapixels.  Video features are limited when compared to the 5D Mark III but it includes state of the art technology regarding still photography that make it highly competitive at $3,700, for body only.  It comes in 2 variations.  The 5DS R doesn’t include the low pass filter designed to reduce noise and moire patterns but has the side effect of reducing overall sharpness and detail.

Take a look at the incredible resolution in these sample images.

It will require the  highest quality lenses to get the full benefit of the higher resolution sensor.

You can pre-order the Canon 5DS.  It will be available in the US later in June 2015

More details and full specs available here @

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