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YouTube Adds HDR Support


“Today we are adding support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube.” –,  November 7, 2016 has added HDR support for new videos.   Any YouTube creator can now upload videos that use HDR format.  Some currently supported devices include the new ChromeCast Ultra and YouTube capable streaming devices such and some smart TV’s.  Additional device support is expected in the near future for game consoles and other devices.  All HDR videos are backward compatible with legacy devices.  The number of devices that support HDR video playback is expected to grow rapidly.    Here are Instructions for uploading HDR video to  Current support for HDR encoded videos include 10 bit H.264  MOV, MP4, and MKV.

There are several content producers that have begun uploading videos that use the high quality HDR option.

HDR Supported Video Example

More HDR video samples

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Netflix Is Ramping Up HDR Support For Future Programming

Netflix started streaming 4K content back in 2014 which began with House Of Cards.  Now they are planning to add more HDR support for future content.

Netflix sees a bright and dark future with HDR, plans to ramp up shooting content with it

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The first Netflix program to support HDR is Marco Polo: Marco Polo

Dolby Vision example

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High Dynamic Range TV – Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision Is coming and going to change the look of video for the better.   It’s about time…

Norma Right Dolby Tech Left

Example: Old TV on the left, Dolby Tech on the right



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